Who is UniqueYeah?

Welcome on UniqueYeah fashion blog! My name is Donovan Pavleković and I'm 19. I come from small country called Croatia in Europe. My free time is reserved for dance (ballroom 10 dances, hip-hop, contemporary, modern jazz) and for my big love photography. If you want to check my photography portfolio you can visit uniqueyeah.wix.com/official. Some things that I love are ketchup, minimalism, Kanye/Kylie style, caps and Lana del Rey. On this blog you can find everything about me and my personal style. English is not my first language so don't be angry if I have written something wrong. Plus I'm blonde and jokes about blondes are totally true for me. #uniqueyeah

This blog started on 8.9.2013. I know I'm young and that my blog is new but I'm really trying to be as good as I can. If you have anything that you don't like about this blog say it but don't be rude (if you don't have to, but I can deal with haters). In this new year I will try my best to be on time with #ootd posts. Thank you so much for stopping at this blog and taking your time. Love you sooo much <3

e-mail : uniqueyeah@gmail.com