srijeda, 23. kolovoza 2017.

// Orange you happy to see me //

T-shirt - Whytes, Shorts - H&M, Shoes - Adidas, Socks - Lotto, Glasses - Zaful, Watch & Bracelet - trifted

Hieee ! I'm finally back from trip and so excited to show you what I've been wearing. If you are following me on my instagram you probably saw this outfit in my "What I'm wearing" serie. But today I decided to take my friend Mirna for a bike ride and a photoshoot. This girl did such a great job. She even mastered the flower in front of the lens technique. But let's get back to outfit. I'm wearing light colors because it's so hot outside and you know what they say about black "once you go black... you sweaty". This outfit is so easy to wear and with few things convertable for a night out. Make sure to stay tuned because in next post I'll talk about my trip to Amsterdam.  Byeeeee !

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  1. Fotografije su fenomenalne! :D Narandžasti tonovi me, smejaćeš se, podsećaju na paletu senki Urban Decay Naked Heat. I super izgledaš. :)

  2. I like your sunglasses !!!

  3. Odličan post, fotografije su me očarale, pogotovo ovaj flare. Keep up the good work!

  4. You look amazing!

  5. You look like real model, like always your photos are professional and eye-catching as well. :)

  6. Amazing! I love the simplicity of this look.
    Cool sunnies as well! Your photographer did an awesome job.

  7. your post is very interesting!!!kiss

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