utorak, 14. ožujka 2017.

// 70s Kylie Jenner //

Jacket - Alpha Industries, Jeans - H&M, Turleneck - Canda, Sneakers - Adidas

Hieeeee ! I finally took some time to write about my new favourite outfit I call "70s Kylie Jenner". If you watch Drag race you know what I'm talking about. I became opsessed with past trends and how people used to combine colors such as brown, nude, powder pink and blue. I decided to pair my favourite bomber jacket from Alpha industries with my new mom jeans from H&M. I was looking for these babies for over a year and finally found the perfect ones. Also, something new for me in tucking my t-shirts or in this case turtle neck in my pants. I love this so much because it gives you such a better body shape (Kylie would be proud). I hope you all don't hate her, because she is an icon, whether or not you agree with me. What do you think about my Kylie Jenner outfit? Byeeeee !

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  1. Slažem se sa natpisom: "Sa dobrim osnovama imaš bezbroj mogućnosti." i mislim da velikim delom zato sve više biram neke komade koji predstavljaju tu neku "osnovu". Meni se sviđaju Alpha Industries jakne, umirem za onom koja je maslinastozelena spolja, a narandžasta iznutra. :O
    Izgledaš odlično! :D


  2. Love this so much!

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  3. I totally agree with that quote about the basics things in closet! :) What about photo shoot it's really climatic, you look amazing:)

  4. Lovely inspo from Kylie Jenner. In love with your army green bomber.
    Good to see you back.


  5. wonderful
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  6. Very dope look. Great post.


  7. I'm not a fan of Kylie but I do love a good 70s inspired look and I think you've totally nailed it.

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