nedjelja, 6. studenoga 2016.

// Supersonic //

Hieee ! Halloween is officialy over but not here. This day is the only one when I can show what I can do with basically nothing and present my ideas and visions. Oh, bull*hit. I'm doing that every single week on my instagram ( which you should go and follow ). For this post I decided to play with my new light and just show of my body a bit. Big deal, you can see that basically in every other post of mine. But on more serious note, I didn't know what my light can do until I turned it on and saw my notebooks glowing. Yes, after that I started to study and I was so amazed ( You trust me right?). Plus, I was so inspired by what Detox did in first episode od Rupaul's drag race all stars 2. And if you saw that episode you know where my post title is coming from (no, it's not this game character). I hope you like these photos because I really had fun taking them. Till next post I love you. Byeeeeeee !

No, I don't have an instagram. I use myspace. It's @uniqueyeah .
(just kidding)

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  1. Super su ti fotke, stvarno svaka cast :)

  2. Fotke su prekrasne, kao i uvek *---* Sviđaju mi se ove neon boje, stvarno divno!!

    Kika's blog

  3. Wow, this photoshoot is unique, just like you are, dear!

  4. Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. I did this experiment once in a photography class! You look great!

    Stay creative ;D


  6. Wow these pics are so cool and artistic, looks like fun ;)

    Love from NYC,

  7. This shoot is amazing, I have no words! Masterpiece.