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// VMA 2016 - I saw better edition //

Rita Ora, dear. I don't know what to say. There are so many good elements to look at but not all of them together. I think she without leather jacket this outfit would be so much better. I can't forget those heels because I'm crazy about them. Ariana Basic Grande. You can see this outfit on every other girl in California or just by searching Kylie Jenner. I like this outfit but gurl, no. Cassie. This is one of my favourites. Her boobies look amazing, her make up is simple, but that hair. I love every single piece of this. It is so out there but so right. Good job, gurl, good job.

Britney or should I say Sonique. Here you can find Sonique's outfit from season 6 reunited. I don't know why but they look so similar, but not in a good way. I get it she has new album but, simple dress with cut out isn't something special anymore. Only thing I can say about Holland Roden is yaaas Gaga. This white combo is really beautiful, her hair is slick and it shows her beautiful face. And then we have our Fleek couple. Kim looks like she just made out with Kanye but in a good way. Her dress is stunning and just what I wanted to see with her new figure. Simple with touch of yeezy. When it comes to Kanye himself, he looked OK. I feel like he was there just to be backdrop for Kim. But still he looks really good, clean and sharp as always.

 Naomi f*cking Campbell ! This is what I love to see when it comes to her. Simlicity and contrast. She doesn't need crazy gown to be best dressed. I'm just in love with this. Winnie Harlow. Gurl I know you as Chantelle. This dress is ugly, it looks so cheap. Shoes are lovely but not with this dress. Head piece is stunning but why. Gurl if you showed up in nude leotard it would have been so much better. Next! Troye, Troye, Troye. I don't know what to say. He is doing all these modeling jobs and he is surrounded with amazing high fashion and he shows up in tee and black cardigan. Shoes are freaking amazing but they look huge.

 Nick and Nicky both fall in the same category for me. I like, I want these outfits in all colors but still meh. They look really good but I want more. Nick could have worn white pants and whole combo would have been so much better. Nicki, stunning but we all know what she is capable of being better. And then we have victor of 76 annual hunger games from district 4 Beyonce. This is the best outfit quote I've seen in a while. Without that neck piece this outfit can be a bomb, but like this it's just fly birdy fly. #sorrynotsorry

Till next time, stay unique !

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