nedjelja, 24. srpnja 2016.

// Roaccutane - after first period //

Hieee ! And the third month of using roaccutane is over. Last month was really easy. I wasn't that dry, even when it comes to my lips. But there were some problems this month. I was breaking out a lot (mainly on my cheeks, forehead and around hairline). These pimples were under my skin at first and when they came out, it was awful. They were so painful and looked like volcanos, gross I know. I started to sunbathe and my skin got so dry immediately. After few days of sunbathing my skin started to get oily faster. I don't know if that was because of roaccutane or sunbathing. But you'll see more about this in my next post because I have a lot of news about my skin. I forgot to say that after third month I have to stop using this product because it will be really bad for my skin with all that sun coming to us. I'll get back on roaccutane in September and I can't wait.  Till next post, byeeee !

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  1. Great post :)
    ❤ ❤ <--new post and if you follow me, just let me know and I will definitely follow you back :)

  2. Great post! :) <3

  3. Možda je ipak i vrućina doprinela tome. Srećno! :)

  4. Predpostavljam da je kombinacija i jednog i drugog. Srecno.

    March and May

  5. I can see your face is improving a lot! Hope it gets even better, dear!

    Fungi Express blog

  6. Oooo amazing, I used the same years ago and it helped so much, happy to read you feel better with yourself! xoxo

    Love from London,

  7. cula sam da ga svi zaista hvale ali kao i za svaku stvar, ima nuz pojave, kakva su tovja iskustva sad kada si prestao, kak ose osecas? Drago mi je da si zadovoljan i da ti je bolje hvala na ovom deljenju :)

    1. Trenutno sam se počeo naglo mastiti na faci, ali mislim da je do sunca, Ostalo je sve za sada super

  8. Vidi se veliki napredak i drago mi je da nema remisije velikog broja akni. Nemoj se brinuti ako pokoja izbije jer je u ovom periodu dosta vruće i normalno je da se lice pojačano znoji, uverena sam da ti je ovaj preparat prilično pomogao. :)