subota, 21. svibnja 2016.

// My skin story - update //

Hieeeee ! So It's been a month since I started to use roaccutane. And let me tell you every day is a new story for my skin. I'm still on 3x1 dosage per day. After just 7 days of using it, I started to get dry around my lips. Even though I prepered myself for it nothing actually helped me with getting dead skin off. even now it's just peeling and peeling every single day. I have an oily skin but now I can go whole day without looking shiny. And because of that I started to get dry patches all over my face. Especially on the highest points of my cheeks, around my jaw and my nose. My dermatologist said that after 10 days my skin will get dryer with more acnes. But I started to experience that after second or even third week. Not that much but I got four huge pimples on my cheek, two on my nose and one that is still active on my chin. They hurt so much and they are full of s*it and blood. If I rub these places with towel skin just breaks and starts to bleed. These pictures were taken in the morning before I even washed my face. I wanted to show you how is my skin reacting when I wake up. It's like a Sahara, it's flaky, peeled of and uneven. 

When it comes to my skin routine, it totally changed. I use no scrubs, masks, anything becuse if I put something on my skin it burns so much. So I just wash it really well and I put some eucerin sun gel-creme and good, old nivea creme. These two do not burn my skin. Even though they don't go in deeper parts of my skin I just can't take other products. I'm planning on buying some other eucerin gels for my skin just to try them out. Plus my eyes became so sensitive when it comes to sun. This will sound crazy but my desk lamp is really strong and after studying for a while my eyes start to hurt and close. I don't know is it just me but it's horrible. 

There is not big of a difference on my shoulders. I'm not getting those big pimples anymore but scars and discolorations are stil there. You can see on photos how around every pimple there is circle around it. This is the only part of my body where I still used gels and masks I got. And masks finally started to work. I can feel the difference in softness and black heads on my chest are almost gone.

My dermatologist said that I'll be using it for one more month and after that we will take a break because of sun. If you didn't know, when you are using roaccutane you are burn very easily and with my pale skin it would be disaster. Dermatologist said that I'll be back on my medication in October when Sun won't be that stong. I hope I described everything. As I said before I'll talk about different things in each post. I love you guys so much and thank you for all comments on my last roaccutane post. Till next time. Byeeeee !

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  1. Mnogo mi je drago što vidim napredak po ovom pitanju kod tebe. Mislim da je i jedan moj drug sa faksa koristio isto to, jednom kada se rešio akni više se nikada nisu vratile. <3

  2. Acne is the worst thing ever! I've had it for a while and nothing really worked out for me either. In the end I decided not to use any lotions anymore, the only thing that really helped me was to stop eating dairy products.

    Hope your skin will get better soon!

  3. You look perfect AND Im in love with your hairstyle! <3

  4. Wow! Your skin looks way better! Amazing :D