nedjelja, 10. travnja 2016.

// My skin story - the beginning //

Hieeeeee ! As I said before I am going to do a little serie on my blog about my skin. Last week I started roaccutane treatment. For those who doesn't know what roaccutane is, it's basically a really strong medication for acne. You have to get if from your dermatologist and it causes really big things to your body (it basically dries out your whole body). Also, I have to say sorry for those who are really picky and easily disgusted. I am having skin problems since I was in 7th grade and it was even worse. Right now skin is in pretty good condition when we compare it to some other times. It's been just few days so I can't see differences, but in next few post I hope to see some results. Because I'm sick and tired of people looking at me like I have a plague or I don't know what. I won't tell you everything about my skin in this post because I want this to be a story for me to remember how bad I felt because of it. Hehe. Till next post I love you guys and stay awesome. Byeeee !

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  1. Hey dear! Haven't visited your blog in a long time!

    Well let me tell you something: acne can't go away, and the task will be easy if you have good habits and medication! I used to have acne in my 17, it was painful but my treatment really helped me :)

    Hope you can see results soon, dear!


    1. Yeah I know.And if this doesn't work I will be done haha

  2. MAN!! i totally understand u. my skin is really bad too. i've got almost the same type of skin. i'm thinking of laser acne removal. if u want a convo, just DM me on instagram :) <3

  3. thanks for the super honest post ! very appreciate it

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    Stay Gold

  4. Divim ti se zbog ovakvog posta. Velika većina ljudi se stidi svojih kožnih problema i jedva čeka da ga zamaskira Photoshopom i drugim programima da bi od sebe napravili lažno savršenstvo, a ti deliš svoju priču sa drugima koji mogu da se poistovete sa tobom i da im pomogneš da pronađu rešenje. Svaka ti čast. :*

  5. My best friend was using roaccutane and after 4 months there was a huuuuge difference! Now,her skin looks amazing!! You will see results :) don't mind the people that staring! Your skin will look fab after this!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this honest & open post, I really hope this treatment will work for you!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  7. Si hay resultados, me lo hago jajaja :D


  8. You look amazing! But I totally get what you're doing, I experienced a treatment with roaccutane too (6 months) and the results were fantastic. Just wear lots and lots of sunscreen coz your skin will be ultra sensitive and could burn easily and don't be scared if it gets super dry and peels, it's worth it! ;)


  9. Nobodys perfect! You still look great :D Fingers crossed!