subota, 27. veljače 2016.

// Trying too hard //

Shirt - Vintage Eddie Bauer, Jacket - SMOG, Scarf - vintage Boule, Jeans - New Yorker, Shoes - Jump up

Hieeee ! I've had it, officily. I'm sick and tired of school ruining my blog. I love it so much and I feel so bad when there is no blog post every week. From now on, I'll find a way to give you guys at least one post a week cause let's be real, with this school only thing I can do is... I can't do anything. 

For this post I decided to bring you this simple, but not so simple look. I call it "Trying too hard" cause I am doing it. I don't wear patterns, but I challenged myself to mix two of them. These two pieces hold very special place in my heart cause both of these items are my grandads. He passed away when I was just two month so I didn't have a chance to meet him. But I have a wierd feeling like I'm his copy (at least from what I heard). He probably would like my way of thinking but not all of my actions. My grandma keeps some of his stuff, and I love that. It's like a piece of him with us, or should I say on me. Thank you grandpa, I hope you are drinking some nice wine there (he loved a good wine, wasn't he classy). Hahha. Gosh, I really didn't want to go in this direction with my post but who cares. I do. I love you guys and till next time, I love you. Byeeeeeeee !

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  1. Hey, do not worry about the posts. From time to time it is that there is no space to wrote something and post. Don't stress about it. I have it some times too ;) (like now, in February).

    And the second part of this story..I am so sorry you were not able to get know your grandad, but he is alive on photographs, I hope. And also in the pieces which remains after him and you know what, you look supercool in them! =)

    Stay strong!


  2. Hey Donovan! Don't worry about the time, a lot of us have experimented something similar: sometimes between school or work, time is not enough to run the blog as much as we want, just try to enjoy it as much as possible and try to organize your duties ;) Obviously I love to read and see your pictures!

    This outfit is amazing, it goes to the basic but with some cool details like the print. Sorry about your grandad, at least you have some pieces and garments that he used, so he will always be with u :)

    You look super cool, thanks for all your lovely comments in my blog, dear!

  3. Amazing post :) and don't worry you can just post your outfit and write where everything is from :)

  4. You look so good in this outfit!!

  5. I like the scarf detail!

  6. Lately i'm busy with my college life too and sadly i only able to update my blog once a month. Well i believe every blogger has so many things to do than just blogging in their real life.

    By the way, you look really stylish with that outfit! Sorry about your grandad, he definitely used to be so stylish.

    Cheers, Rob

  7. Nice look - dope style mate! I feel sorry that you couldn't really meet your granddad!

  8. Dope outfit, That Jacket rocks !!

  9. Ohhh don't you worry love, I completely understand that school takes up a lot of time - I'm in the same situation! Take your time, we'll still be here! Also love this look on you, so stylish! Love how you implemented your Granddad in your outfit.
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  10. Je l' ti to imaš septum ring? Čoveče, obožavam to. Outfit ima toliko šmeka da sam prosto oduševljena, kožna jakna je savršena. :)