nedjelja, 20. rujna 2015.

// One day //

Leather jacket - SMOG, Jeans - FSBN, T-shirt - Key Largo, Shoes - New Yorker, Cap - New yorker, Sunglasses - unknown

Hieeee ! This day is so messed up. It's raining but it's not that cold. And if you know me I love things to be black or white so in between weather is a big no, no for me. Today I decided to wear some of my new things for doing things in town. I took my new leather jacket because it will keep me warm and to be sure that all people from my town will look at me and think I'm a fashionable devil. Great piece to wear under this amazing jacket is also my new turtleneck. Material is so thick and it also keeps me warm. Next thing are my black jeans because why not? And to top this whole black and white outfit I paired it with white sneakers, black cap and some black sunnies to really look like an alien in my town. Hahah, I love our people so much. #lies. I hope you like this simple outfit and tell me how are you, how's weather where you live. Till next post, byeeeeee !

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23 komentara:

  1. Gorgeous look <3 I love the jacket!

  2. Cool outfit! You can't never go wrong wearing black & white. Love it!

    Cheers, Rob

  3. Perfect quote which can be used on my life =). Because that someone walked and is showing me every day, why it never worked out with anyone else =))

    Btw., nice monochrome outfit!


  4. Great monochrome, rocking jacket bud ✌

  5. Awesome styling
    I love your look!

  6. odlična kombinacija, jako mi se sviđa kožna jakna.

  7. Hvala na komentaru! Izgleda meni da smo svi mi prije gledali Winx :P Ja sam nedavno kupio kožnu jaknu, i nisam je još imao prilike nositi je :/ Iako me zbunjuje ta jakna, kao da je neki hoodie obložen fejk kožom? Obožavam crno bijele kombinacije! I starke su uvijek must, so yeah. OUTFIT GOALS!

  8. Gorgeous look!!

  9. amazing as always, MUST have that leather jacket<3 x

  10. Black is the new black

    Great Look, love the blazer ✌


  11. odlicno sve kao i uvek, ja sam nesto ovih dana u kombinacijama crno belo, mislim da je to apsolutni trend, mnogo mi se dopada tvoja kozna jakna i super ti stoji!

  12. You look great! I love your jacket!:)

  13. Oh, wow, your biker jacket is a star of your outfit, Donovan!

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  15. Lovely words and jacket! In Mexico, the weather's been insane, one day it's cold and the other is extra warm :/

    I'm An Airhead. Oh Wow!