nedjelja, 2. kolovoza 2015.

This ain't even jealousy

Hieee ! Welcome back guys to my blog. For this post I prepered something a little bit different. I edit my blog photos, of course, but usually it's just brightness and color edit. But, today I decided to take out my least favourite color. I don't wear yellow and I don't like to make yellow details in my graphics. I don't know how I came up with editing my photos this way but I did. It's great contrast with my black&white outfit. And once again I have to thank my dear friend Tea for amazing photos she took. 

Also, I have some news. Next tuesday I am going on a family trip in Germany. I have never been to Germany and I can't belive that, because I have a lot family there. I can't describe how excited I am. I will be taking photos throught my whole trip. Till then, I love you so much. Byeee !

T-shirt -  Angelo Litrico
Shorts - NewYorker ATHLETICS
Fedora - unknown
Birkenstock - Bjorndal
Watch - unknown
Sunglasses - unknown

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  1. Nice look.. And perfect post..

    Please visit my blog and comment my first post..

  2. Cool outfit, Loving the shades and watch ✌

  3. Nice look ! :)

  4. Au, kako je ovo moćno. Genijalne fotografije! :O

  5. I love how you edited your photos, so cool and original, and the contrast is amazing indeed! Love your look too, simple but elegant! Enjoy Germany :D
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  6. rad photos! loving your sandals. would you like to follow each other? stay in touch! x

  7. Love the way you edited the photos; taking a risk pays off (:
    Have an amazing time in Germany, man, enjoy it!

    I'm An Airhead. Oh Wow!