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I need this (I don't but it's a cool title)

Hieeee ! Welcome back guys. First of all I have to say thank YOU for all of your lovely comments on my last post and I am so happy to hear that you guys are interested in me writing on english. Once again thank you from the bottom of my cold heart. Let's start with todays post. Today I prepered something different. I'll show you my summer favourites and stuff that I personally need to survive this hot summer days. I know some of stuff are really random and you will be like „Is that a freaking banana? That guy is crazy“. But hey, these are  stuff that I need. hehe. 

  •  Fruits

I know apples are not tipical summer fruit but I am really picky about my fruit and I only eat what I really love. I love all kinds of them, and the best thing is that my grandma's neighbours have huge apple orchard and their apples are the best. They even have some kind of coca-cola flavored apples. I love these because I don't drink coca-cola so often because I don't feel well after drinking it. Also, BANANAS. My favourite fruit of all time. I can eat bananas all day and all night and I would still love them. (are we getting sexual in here, becuse I'm not). They are amazing even though they don't have much water in them.
  •  Water

I know this is stupid to even write about because everybody and even their grandmas know that water is so important in summer (No, they are important in every season). But I have to admit as a kid and even now I didn't drink a lot of water. I was always drinking milk or juices (Yes, my parents knew that it's not OK, but I didn't drink too much). And one day boy from my class said how he keeps his skin so great. It's becuse he drinks 2 L of water everyday. I was thinking about that, doing my research about it. And one day I just started to drink 2 L of water every single day. It was hard first few days, but later it was fine. And after just week or two I saw a change in my skin. (If you are new here, I have problems with my skin). And I mean come on. How amazing is this VODAVODA bottle from Bosnia and Hercegovina. I love it. It makes me feel so #tumblr .
  • My pink shorts

I bought this babies in Hungary and I was trying to find them in stores for maybe 2 years. And when I saw them I was getting in my Lana del Rey mode „F*ck yeah, give it to me“. I love them so much. They are really comfortable, and they drive people from my town crazy. But, I don't care becuse I love them. I think in my next post I will show how I style them.
  • Let's call them details

First, these kids bracelets are sooo 2012. I guess. But I don't wear them on my hands, I use them to tie my hair in so #mainstrem men bun. My hair is getting long and I hate to have it all over my face when I'm home or when I'm working out. That is also one thing that most of people hate but I find it so cute and comfortable. And after that I don't need face lift ( #missfame #misstape)
Also, I want to talk about my new sunglasses. I don't wear them so much becuse I'm trying to keep them alive for some special events. But, I have to show them. They are really cool, and I never had this style of sunglasses in my collection .

  •  Planner

One of my favourites and my must have is my notebook/planner how ever you like to call it. I got this baby on some kind of project showroom and I fell in love with it. It's not too big or too small and it doesn't have crazy lines or any kind of date icons in it. I can draw in it, but most of the time I use it for inspirational notes and planning my outfits and photoshoots.

  • Rexona invisible deodorant

I don't know if I said this anywhere but I don't like perfumes. Not that I don't like scents of them but I don't like how they feel on my skin and how my skin reacts to perfumes. I was always a deodorant person and I think I will stay one. This deodorant is really good. It doesn't have a strong scent but it does leave white spots on your t-shirts. So I have to be carefull with while using it.
  • Balea bodylotion – Cabana dream

What can I say about this lotion becuse I'm not a beauty guru. I don't know how to describe it well. But it has nice, fresh and fruity smell. My skin absorbs it really fast and it doesn't leave any kind of white stains. I use it after I sunbathing for a long time. And I do that so much these days.

I hope you guys loved this post and I am so proud of myself for writing this much. Till next post I love you and byeeeeee !

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  1. I had once bought that VODAVODA water because I love the bottle! xD
    Great post! :)

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles

  2. Love these photos, these are such nice items! Although I don't understand your love for bananas as I personnally can't stand the smell nor taste of them, literally the worst fruit for me, haha ;)
    Also, those shortts are perfect!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  3. Nice bottle and note book design!


  4. Love this post! Great pictures and cool stuffs!

  5. Svako ima neke stvari bez kojih ne moze, a moram priznati da ni ja ne mogu izdrzati ni dana bez banana. Za mene ne postoji bolje voce.


  6. Ajmeee koliko dugo nisam vidjela te narukvice hehe! Fora blog!

  7. Cool sunglasses!! I love it!!

    NEW POST IN MY FASHION BLOG!!: http://diamondconestilopropio.blogspot.com.es/

  8. beautiful swimwear!!!


  9. nice post ! :) have a good day


  10. The sunnies are cool.

  11. Your posts always entertain and amuse me! just like this article ♥

    New style post now posted sweetie :)

  12. first thing I noticed were the kid bracelets from years ago! ahhhh what a throwback! :D


  13. nice shorts ^_^


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