subota, 12. srpnja 2014.

Just a quick post for you.

First things first I have to say I'm so sorry if I wrote anything wrong, but I really want everybody to understand what I'm talking about. These days weather is just awful, it's raining every 15 minutes and I'm crazy becuse when I see all things I get depressed, sad and have no inspiration for what so ever. So, that's why there is no outfit post. I promise tomorrow I will make outfit post even if there's gonna be storm and my camera die I PROMISE. Also I'm making this post becuse of you guys. I really like how all of you support my blog and everything that I'm doing. That means whole world to me and when I see nice comments they make my day better and I know that I'm doing something right. Thank you, thank you for every commment, everytime you open this blog THANK YOU. And you have to understand that when I can't make new post I feel like piece of sh*t. And I want to make this place my place where I can be myself and write down all my thoughts and write like Donovan Pavleković, not some random boy who is trying to be professional. Yes, it's nice when you write nice but I feel that sometimes I need to be just a 16 years old teenager. And I hope you will like that, if you don't just be happy that other person is really that person.

Also, I have some really exciting news. I just got a nice offer to make my first fashion show with my own creations. I know this is huge, and I know this is a lot of work and you are probably thinking is that boy ok? But yes I am. For the first time I will just making some fashion sketches and I feel so freaking amazing. I didn't draw for sooooo long and I really need to get back on track with my skill. I will update you guys about this everytime something important is about to happend.

Once more I have to say THANK YOU for all support that I'm getting and really I LOVE YOU from bottom of my heart. Thank you.

                                                                                                                                     Your UniqueYeah.

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