nedjelja, 28. srpnja 2013.

♥ July favorites ♥

Hey ! I can't belive that July is almost over. It's crazy. So I don't want to talk to much, so let's start with my July Favourites. And some of things are really random but I hope you will Enjoy !

Hair products

I just love this shampoo and conditioner. They are by some random mark, but they make my hair so soft and easy to work with. And I love that bottles becuse they are so big and good looking.

Body products

This body & face wash is just perfect. I think I feel diffrence on my skin, but I'm not using it on my face becuse it's not the best for my face. But for body is just perfect.

Before I didn't like Nivea, but now really helps me so so much. Only problem are white traces and you really can see them and I don't like them. 

Thank god that we have Cuba body sprays in Croatia. I love this one, and sorry but I can't describe smell. But bottle is so nice and simple. And smell O M G it's georges. Also it's cheap,and I'm not person for expensive stuff becuse I don't know how to keep them and not break them.


Big silver bracelet - Ebay l myphonestarthere
Small stud bracelet - Ebay l toy8886
Skull bracelet - Ebay l nice-seller77

Cross necklace - Ebay l xiaojion

This is my favourite cap of all time. It's black with all that cool TV colors. When I have bad hair day I just put it on and outfit is complete. This you can get in New Yorker in older collections.

You saw this tank top in my New In post and I'm so happy that i bought this. It's so nice and It's so simple and fits every outfit. Find it in New Yorker store everywhere.

Brown shirt ! When I don't know what to wear i just put this on and it's look so nice and like I put some time to combine outfit. Hehe also from New Yorker store.

Random stuff

Favourite songs


Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive

More stuff : Catching Fire (New Treiler), Instagram, Lady gaga Artpop pictures, white color, DailyGrace


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  1. Cool blog, dude! I like it, though I'm not a fashion guy. BB!
    Btw. It's Mirko.

    1. Oh... I didn't have to say that... My name is written :) I just wanted to say that the logo of your blog is so cool. I have 3D glasses that I got when I bought myself a sticker album couple years ago. They're made of paper, but they can work, so I can see your logo wtih them :D

  2. You should post some fashion advices... I could use those :)

  3. Pisala sam i ja ovo:) Odlicni su ti svi,a pogotovo kapa i majca*__* I izbor pjesama je super;)