utorak, 16. srpnja 2013.

About me Tag - 25 personal questions

Do you have a middle name?       No
What are your favourite subject at school?         Biology, History, Art
What’s your favourite drink?        Chocholate Milk
Favourite song at the moment?      We can’t stop
What would you name your children?      Girl – Elenore, Chloe      Boy – Neo, Joey
Do you participate in any sports?        Ballroom dancing
Favourite book?   Catching Fire, Hunger Games
Favourite Colour?   Grey, Neon blue
Favourite Animal?   Pandas, Dogs
Favourite Perfume?     I’m not parfume person but if I have to choose – something sweet
Favourite Holiday?    Christmas (Birthday)
Have you graduated High School?    No, hehe
Have you ever been out of the country? If so how many times?  Yes, I have. I go like every month once.
Do you speak any other language?       Yes, German, English
How many siblings do you have?     I don’t have them
What’s your favourite store?          New Yorker, H&M
Favourite restaurant?         Glamour
Do you like school?     No, who does?
Favourite Youtuber?       To much for write now
Favourite Movie?      Hunger games
Favourite TV show?       Pretty Little Liars
PC or MAC?        PC i don’t like mac i’m not that classy
What kind of phone do you have?         LG optimus l5
How tall are you?     Around 170 cm


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