utorak, 23. svibnja 2017.

// Whytes - unboxing //

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subota, 6. svibnja 2017.

// Basic boyfriend material //

Jeans - Zara, Hoodie - H&M, Jacket - Pull&Bear, Sneakers - Adidas

Hey you, out there reading this. Thank you so much for stopping by. Today I decided to share this outfit I call "Basic boyfriend material". Why? Because who doesn't want a boyfriend in this cute bomber jacket. Because of backround, and blue bomber, outfit had to be black & white, but to give it a #uniqueyeah touch I paired it with some good ol' adidas and simple chain choker. Did you know that through history chokers were sign of prostitutes? I laughed so hard when we studied about that in school. So random Donovan, so random. How are you? What's new? Hit me up in DM so we can chat about chokers or idk blue bombers, hehe. Kisses !

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