četvrtak, 23. ožujka 2017.

// StyleWe

I usually don't find any online fashion store original but StyleWe really blew me off. If you need shoes there are so many, if you need a prom dress StyleWe is a place for that. I know this is female fashion site but there are many pieces I would like to have and combine in my outfit posts. But the story about StyleWe is not over. Their sister site Just fashion now is hosting an amazing deal for you guys. Till the end of March your shipping will be free for orders over $59. Isn't that amazing? You find so many great pieces and after that you don't have to pay for shipping. What I find so unique about StyleWe is that they have so many plus size dresses. And if you know me I am all about "All sizes, all beautiful" so you can find cheap plus size dresses here. I won't talk about my favourites from this site in this post (*wink* *wink*, spoiler for future post). After going through whole site I found such a great piece that is not really my style but I would love to have it and combine it for summer outfits. It's chiffon kimono with this beautiful pattern. It reminds me of music festivals and having fun. Can you image yourself in such a cool piece? I can. 

I hope you liked this post about StyleWe, because I had so much fun working with this amazing brand and their members. Till next post, byeeee !

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utorak, 14. ožujka 2017.

// 70s Kylie Jenner //

Jacket - Alpha Industries, Jeans - H&M, Turleneck - Canda, Sneakers - Adidas

Hieeeee ! I finally took some time to write about my new favourite outfit I call "70s Kylie Jenner". If you watch Drag race you know what I'm talking about. I became opsessed with past trends and how people used to combine colors such as brown, nude, powder pink and blue. I decided to pair my favourite bomber jacket from Alpha industries with my new mom jeans from H&M. I was looking for these babies for over a year and finally found the perfect ones. Also, something new for me in tucking my t-shirts or in this case turtle neck in my pants. I love this so much because it gives you such a better body shape (Kylie would be proud). I hope you all don't hate her, because she is an icon, whether or not you agree with me. What do you think about my Kylie Jenner outfit? Byeeeee !

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