ponedjeljak, 20. studenoga 2017.

// No red bottoms //

T-shirt / Whytes, Jacket / h&m, Jogger pants / h&m, Sneakers / Adidas, Chain / h&m, Glasses - ebay find

Hieeeeee ! After an aweful rehab from being a blogger I decided to come back. Who would've guessed? Well, you know the drill with instagram being the main page for all bloggers now. But I love my blog, this is my baby and... shut up. No, but on a serious note I really do miss blogging and being creative in this form. I am prepering you many new series and posts so get ready.

Today's outfit was inspired by... hmmm, let me think of something outstanding and revolutionary. Noup, I can't. I just loved the colors and I never wear so much at ones. Plus I look like every hypebeast on instagram now, except no gucci or yellow belt from China market down the street. 

It's enough of my "humor" for today. I hope you guys like my new post and outfit that I prepered for you. Kisses. Byeeeee !

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srijeda, 30. kolovoza 2017.

// Do you even lift, bro? //

Cap - HM, T-shirt - HM, Jeans - Zara, Shoes - Fila, Shades - Pull&Bear, Watch - trifted

Hieeee ! Can you belive it, two weeks in a row and I'm posting. I'm such a great blogger (don't laugh). Today I want to show you my "Do you even lift, bro?" outfit. I usually put this when I have to go somewhere and get ready quickly. T-shirt is so oversized and I'm in love with it and can't wait to layer it with hoodies and jackets. But since it's still summer I have to mix my outfits to look cool. I have to be honest but in summer I have no inspiration for cool & edgy outfits because you can't layer or wear what ever you want. So I can't wait for autumn. What's up with you guys? Do you like my new instagram? I'm really trying my best to be awesome and different (after all that's my brand name). Byeeee. See ya next year. JK

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